Coin Acceptors Canada Announces Release Of Interac Flash® Certified Solution

March 3, 2015

Effective February 21, 2015, Coin Acceptors Canada will provide a fully certified Interac Flash®, Visa PayWave® and MasterCard PayPass® solution. This solution is all about offering choices to our customers based upon our iris™ platform. The iris Media™ telemeter works with all three of Canada’s major telecom carrier networks, automatically choosing the best network for that specific area. This ensures a reliable connection 24/7. With multiple bezel solutions provided with the iris readers, operators have the ability to create a custom fit solution to a location without adding or changing equipment. The iris Media telemeter and iris Reader™ bezel provide a quality cashless and data platform that our customers have come to expect from Coinco.

Being able to add Canada’s most popular cashless option for low value transactions, Interac Flash, will help the operator maximize the profits at their vending locations. Interac Flash is the contactless enhancement of Interac® Debit that is designed to make everyday debit purchases even faster and more convenient for customers. Now, customers can simply PAY IN A FLASH™ by holding their card up to a Coinco Interac Flash enabled reader to complete a transaction and Coinco can make it all happen for you with a simple call. A recognized world leader in debit card services, Interac Association is responsible for the development and operations of the Interac network, a national payment network that allows Canadians to access their money through Interac Cash at 65,000 Automated Banking Machines and Interac Debit at 766,000 point-of-sale terminals across Canada. Interac Flash, a secure contactless enhancement of Interac Debit allows Canadians to pay for items instantly with their Interac chip debit card at a reader that supports Interac Flash.

About Coin Acceptors

Coinco is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of payment solutions for the automated point-of-sale industry. Whether in Europe, Australia, Asia, North America or Latin America, Coinco has a reputation for making products that deliver consistent, reliable performance year after year. Coinco maintains the highest level of quality and service. From local distribution on five continents and through the entire organization, Coinco is committed to providing smart payment solutions for their customers, providing maximum performance and profitability in our changing world.