Crane Merchandising Systems Launches Streamware Connect 2.0 And The Intelligent Store™ Platform For MEDIA

Dec. 11, 2014

WILLISTON, SOUTH CAROLINA – December 11, 2014 – Crane Merchandising Systems, a Crane Co. Group, today announced the launch of Streamware Connect 2.0 enabling the Intelligent Store™ platform for MEDIA machines. “The vision has been to build an intelligent retail store with a modern design, touch screens, integrated cashless payment, shopping cart features, and a range of consumer applications; all fully connected and managed remotely,” said Brad Ellis, President, Crane Merchandising Systems. “This launch is one of the most significant product releases in the history of our company and a major first step toward making the vision a reality. With Streamware Connect 2.0, our cloud-based web portal is the foundation for a range of applications that drive same-store sales and improves operator profitability.”

Following the successful launch of our MEDIA Touch Merchant snack and MEDIA Touch BevMAX cold beverage vending machines at NAMA in April 2014, the market has rapidly transitioned to these digital, touch-screen machines with built-in wireless connectivity. We expect this trend to accelerate as operators look to take advantage of new consumer applications and tools. “Our customers are having great success with MEDIA Touch and we are making it significantly better,” says Steve Turner, Vice President and General Manger for Snack and Cold Beverage. “As a complete solution provider, Crane offers unprecedented end-to-end integration. Operators can feel confident that their investment is sound, because MEDIA Machines are remotely upgraded wirelessly with the latest and greatest features.”

One example of the power of this platform is Digital Product Advertising. We recently offered the easy-to-opt-in advertising program targeted to operators who had previously purchased MEDIA Touch equipment. These campaigns will increase sales, pay operators to participate, and create more than 13 million consumer impressions over the next six months alone.

With the introduction of Streamware Connect 2.0, there are four distinct application sets coming to market that will continue to expand and grow with future releases.

The Intelligent Store™—A set of tools designed to ensure consumers have a perfect experience and make it easier for operators to manage machines remotely. Included in this release are Remote Software Updates, Remote Content Delivery, and Retail Insights™ reporting.

Digital Product Advertising—Increase same-store sales, generate end-location excitement, and monetize consumer impressions. Crane pays operators to display advertisements on products they are already selling. Operators can easily opt-in and advertisement campaigns are configured, deployed, and monitored remotely with no action required by the operator except product placement.

Custom StoreFront—An online portal designed to give operators a tool to custom design their retail store that allows operators to engage with their customers in an interactive design experience that results in a differentiated retail store that showcases end-location or product branding.

Healthy Solutions—A set of features and tools designed to help operators leverage the ever-popular health and wellness trend to grow their business. With our assistance, operators can choose from ready-to-go wellness solutions like FitPick® 2.0 or they can custom design a unique wellness solution set from a large range of customizable features focused on wellness.
“Our customers tell us that buying a MEDIA Machine without the Streamware Connect online service is like buying a smartphone without the ability for remote updates or connectivity to the App Store,” says Brad Ellis. “Our goal is to attract consumers back to vending, enable operators to drive same-store sales, and to ensure the platform will keep getting better for years to come!”

About Crane Merchandising Systems
Crane Co. is a diversified manufacturer of engineered industrial product. Crane Co. is traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:CR). One of its segments, Crane Merchandising Systems, designs and manufactures a diverse, yet integrated portfolio of automatic merchandising equipment across multiple verticals, including hot and cold beverage, snack, and food. It also offers other vending solutions including cashless processing, payment devices, vending management software, and wireless communication technology. Its legacy of brands (Automatic Products®, Dixie Narco®, GPL®, National Vendors™, Stentorfield™, and Streamware®) enables Crane to provide customers a complete, cross-platform solution while maintaining innovation and a commitment to to quality and service.