PayLab Releases 3G Remote Monitoring Device

Nov. 6, 2014

Calgary, Alberta, November 4th.2014--PayLab Networks, a leading mobile payment innovator for the vending and unattended retailer markets, today announced the launch of their DexLink remote machine monitoring device. DexLink is a lightweight low-cost 3G connected device that can be installed in virtually any modern vending machine in less than 10 minutes. The device features a 3G cellular modem, full DEX compatibility, power over MDB and an expansion port that can be utilized to integrate additional peripherals.

PayLab intends to make the hardware available to vend operators for less than $100 and offer 3G connectivity from$3-$5 per month. According to PayLab CTO Sebastien Taylor, DexLink is ideally suited for operators looking for a low cost option to add real-time DEX data to their existing VMS package, routing software or accounting system via existing VDI standards. “PayLab will be building out a cloud based reporting package in 2015, but DexLink’s greatest assets are its low cost, ease of use and ability to easily integrate with a variety of third party software providers,” said Taylor.

“We remain committed to offering the industry’s most innovative solutions at the point-of-sale and beyond,” said PayLab CEO Mike Gron. “To that end, we will be launching our full point-of-sale package shortly, but we also wanted to give operators an opportunity to leverage the extensive R&D work we’ve done to bring their operation online at a manageable cost, or to begin upgrading their existing deployments to 3G and all the potential benefits that come with it”.

About PayLab

As part of the design process PayLab didn’t just create a new product, they’ve designed a new process. One that captures the imagination of the user in ways that a traditional mag stripe card reader simply can’t.  PayLab’s offering leverages internal hardware and location services on the users smartphone and couples it with data captured via cameras and sensors embedded in their hardware to create a frictionless, secure and compelling vend transaction that turns traffic into customers and customers into repeat customers. You can contact PayLab at [email protected] or follow PayLab on Twitter @paylabnet.


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April 17, 2014
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