Vagabond Announces Leasing Program For Its 3G Insight Telemetry Hardware

Sept. 30, 2014

Washington, DC; September 30th, 2014 – Vagabond announced that it will begin leasing its 3G telemetry hardware units to be used in association with its cloud-based vending management software suite. The recent release of Vagabond’s WiFi and CDMA Insight telemetry hardware has received great response from the market as it matches affordable live network communications services to its mobile and web friendly software interface. Offering attractive leasing terms enables Vagabond to get real-time communications information out to more operators. The leasing program marks the next step in Vagabond’s march to becoming the industry’s only integrated business management solution that is affordable enough to outfit the vast majority of vending operators’ machines.

Vagabond reports that customers who use live data to help manage inventory, merchandising and routing scheduling decisions can triple operating incomes, particularly when coupled with cashless acceptance on their top producing machines. “Every operator is different. Typically, the best technology mix on a route is to have around 20% of machines running cashless, 60% running live telemetry and the remainder managed without a connection. This gives operators the chance to take advantage of the revenue increases made available by cashless and the cost reductions inherent in VMS”, said Hector Benavides, Vagabond’s VP of Sales.

Michael Lovett, Vagabond’s CEO says, “Our operator partners want to connect all of their machines while keeping their credit available for acquisitions and machine investments. Vagabond is offering leasing arrangements to qualified customers so they can consume the cost over time as an operating expense instead of a capitalized up-front investment”. 

The new Insight telemetry hardware is compatible with virtually any vending machine. It’s easy to install and begins to send live sales data within minutes using 3G cellular networks. Contact Vagabond at [email protected] to see if your business qualifies for lease financing.

About Vagabond Vending LLC

Vagabond Vending develops the Vagabond mobile vending operations toolset, which saves vending operators time and money by helping them run their vending operation more efficiently. One account gives the entire operation live views of machines, real-time inventory information and comprehensive sales & financial reports. Managing products, routes and labor with Vagabond enables the operator to maximize revenues and reduce costs by up to 40%.

In addition to offering its own Insight telemetry hardware, Vagabond integrates with other industry available telemetry hardware and any web, mobile or tablet device. Customers use the mobile app to manage the day-to-day field operations while relying on the web app for operational analysis, reporting tools, cash accounting and administration. 

Vagabond operators spend less time managing the business, visit machines less frequently, stock the right products and increase profits.