Microtronic US Becomes Merchant On KeyRing App

Sept. 2, 2014

Microtronic US announces that it is now a merchant on the KeyRing app for its new line of Micro Markets.  Smartphone users simply download the app, scan their barcode card and pay by selecting Microtronic in the list. KeyRing is a user friendly way to keep all your loyalty tags in one convenient app.

Microtronic’s newest line of Micro Markets also incorporates a camera so the user can see themselves on the screen when checking out. The operator also has the option of recording the actual screen activity that can be streamed though one of the DVR channels. This is an added feature to enhance security at the Micro Market location.

Microtronic has a $95 per month Micro Market support fee and credit card processing fees of only 1.60% + .03¢ per swipe.  Operators have the option of requiring a minimum purchase for Credit and/or Debit cards, as well as the option of adding a surcharge to offset the fees. We also offer Payroll Deduct mode, as well as barcode and RFID card that can be used at the vending machines as well. Call 1-800-879-3586 for more information.