Electronic Systems Design, Inc. Introduces ESDI Model 910210 UV Lamp Fail-Safe Switch

May 15, 2014

Electronic Systems Design, Inc. in San Fernando, Calif., announces the development of the ESDI Model 910210 UV Lamp Fail-Safe Switch.

The ESDI Model 910210 UV Fail-Safe Switch monitors a UV lamp and reports if the lamp is good or bad. It is used with water purification systems and water vending machines where monitoring the UV lamp sterilization source is essential to prevent the dispensing of non-treated water.

The UV Fail-Safe Switch works by measuring the line current into the UV lamp power supply. When the UV lamp's line current is good, the Fail-Safe Switch is activated. When the line current is bad, the switch is not activated. The switch can be used to control an alarm, or shut down a water vending machine. The circuit requires no additional power to operate, as it steals its power from the lamp's primary line current.

The ESDI Model 910210 works with UV lamps with a nominal operating line current of 0.51 Amp at 115VAC. The switch's normally open and normally closed contacts are available. It is assembled in the U.S. and manufactured in compliance with UL-508.

The price for the ESDI Model 910210 UV Fail-Safe Switch is only $40.00.

For more information, please contact Electronic Systems Design, Inc., 1010 North Maclay Avenue, San Fernando, Calif., 91340, U.S., Phone: 818- 365-0864, Fax: 818-365-1308 or email: [email protected].

Source: Electronic Systems Design, Inc.