Microtronic US Wins Second Place In “Coolest MIFARE Application In Use” Contest For MIFARE Cards In Micro Market Kiosks

May 15, 2014

Microtronic US wins 2nd place in “Coolest MIFARE application in use” in the International MIFARE Awards 2014 announced at www.MIFARE.net for the integration of MIFARE cards with a Micro Market kiosk.

Microtronic offers multiple payment methods at their Micro Markets including MIFARE cards, Bar Code cards, Payroll Deduction and Account & PIN with a variety of Micro Market footprints.  “With 35 years’ experience in MIFARE technology for vending it was an easy integration into Micro Markets with our own software development team.” states Steve Bryant, National Sales Manager.  Microtronic is the only Micro Market supplier that can use the same MIFARE card at both Micro Market and Vending.  They also have a complete line of cabinetry display units.  Visit their site at www.microtronicmarket.com or call Steve at 1-800-879-3586.

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Source: Microtronic US