VendScreen Adds Verizon As Alternative Cellular Carrier

May 8, 2014

VendScreen, Inc. has added Verizon Wireless as an available cellular carrier for its retrofit 3G devices installed on vending machines across the country. Previously all VendScreen devices exclusively accessed the Sprint cellular network.

VendScreen devices rely on the 3G network to provide uninterrupted credit/debit card acceptance for vending purchases. The devices also use the 3G network to update the devices with the latest product and nutritional information, to remotely poll machines for transaction information and DEX data, to provide automatic updates and to provide instant help and credit codes for refunds.

“We realize that cellular coverage differs greatly geographically, and that carriers are a matter of personal preference,” said David Granno, CEO of VendScreen, in a prepared statement. “We are pleased to offer Verizon as an alternative so that our vending operator customers can select their carrier of choice and the carrier that works best for each machine location.” 


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VendScreen Inc.

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