Evergreen Vending Reports 20 Percent Sales Lift For Machines With VendScreen Cashless Touchscreens

April 30, 2014

VendScreen Inc. announced the successful retrofit of payment touchscreens on more than 1,000 machines managed by Evergreen Vending located in Tumwater, Wash. The devices have been providing reliable cashless services on Evergreen’s fleet of machines on 40 routes in the states of Washington and Oregon since April 2013.

The primary reason that Evergreen selected VendScreen over a conventional card swipe was its ability to provide cashless functionality, remote data and product/nutrition information in one device, according to the release. “We know the public now expects a card swipe on vending machines, but we wanted to provide more than that,” said Jim Brinton, president of Evergreen Vending, in a prepared statement. “The touchscreen lets us provide product information to consumers and also lets them communicate to us right from the machine.”

Another of Evergreen’s goals in rolling out the VendScreen cashless devices was to achieve as high as possible sales lift. “We have gotten an average 20 percent sales lift for machines that went from cash/coin to VendScreen and a 6 to 12 percent sales lift for machines that went from standard cashless to VendScreen,” said Brinton. “We project ROI from these new installations in six to eighteen months, depending on the machine’s traffic.”

Evergreen’s next step is to begin using the real-time data from the VendScreen to more accurately prekit routes. “We recently integrated the devices with our Streamware VMS, so we expect to start achieving more efficiency on the back-end in the next few weeks,” said Brinton.

Evergreen plans to deploy an additional 2,000 VendScreen devices in 2014 to enable cashless on virtually its entire fleet of machines.


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