Fresh Healthy Vending Adds AirVend Touchscreens To Vending Machines

April 24, 2014

Fresh Healthy Vending International, Inc. recently announced a partnership with AirVend. Fresh Healthy Vending is now mounting the AV5 cashless touchscreen devices on its healthy vending combo machines. In addition to its cashless payment options and access to real-time machine data, AirVend is the solution for operators needing to adhere to new USDA snack-product requirements and legislation, making Fresh Healthy Vending an even more attractive option for school locations, according to the release.

The new vending technology, AirVend, is an android-based, point-of-sale device, which can be retrofitted to all vending machines within a matter of minutes. Its single hardware device features three core attributes; it displays nutritional information of each product inside the machine, gives consumers the ability to pay with either a phone or credit card, and provides vending machine owners with real-time sales information and inventory data through the device’s interactive touchscreen.

“From a business development standpoint, the decision to add AirVend to its healthy vending machines will allow Fresh Healthy Vending to offer its franchisees more advanced features, simplifying their technological operations and giving them the upper hand when approaching new locations for installs, particularly in schools,” said Lance Ellsworth, co-founder and executive vice president of business development for AirVend, in a prepared statement. “Fresh Healthy Vending and AirVend share the vision that displaying nutritional information is essential for today’s educated consumer, so we’re excited to now team up and penetrate the national market with the total package of our technology combined with Fresh Healthy Vending’s snack options, especially as the compliance for the USDA snack law approaches.”

With the option to add AirVend to new and existing Fresh Healthy Vending combo machines, franchisees can now update planograms or gather real-time information on product stock, as well as give consumers the option to contact them with comments or issues through a digital contact form, as well as pay with a digital coupon or QR code. AirVend also offers advertising options that can be customized by location.

“This new partnership is yet another demonstration of how Fresh Healthy Vending is staying ahead of the curve with innovation and technology, consistently increasing the value of our machines for both existing and future franchisees, as well as locations nationwide,” said Alex Kennedy, CEO of Fresh Healthy Vending International, Inc. “Now our franchisees can add the point-of-sale device to machines being delivered to new school contracts secured by Fresh Healthy Vending ensuring they are always abiding by the new USDA guidelines and allowing them to benefit from the many features the technology provides. We also believe that having this offering will help increase our locations team’s success in securing school installments for franchisees.”


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