CPI, Crane Merchandising Systems Announce Vision For Vending Management

April 10, 2014

Crane Merchandising Systems and Crane Payment Innovations (CPI) announced their strategy for vending management systems (VMS). The two organizations will work together to deliver a VMS platform that will encompass the best of both current solutions. This integrated solution will be the platform for VMS innovation going forward – continuing a strong legacy of helping their customers grow sales and increase profitability.

MEI EASITRAX Core and Crane Streamware’s VendMAX are the industry-leading vending management ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software solutions with nearly one million vending machines under management combined. Independently, the two solutions have very similar capabilities, but each has unique strengths.

Utilizing VendMAX as the base platform for new development, CPI and Crane Merchandising Systems have already begun work to roll the strengths of the EASITRAX Core platform into VendMAX.

“While it will take time to develop all of the targeted EASITRAX Core capabilities into VendMAX, EASITRAX Core customers can take advantage of VendMAX's strengths – including dynamic scheduling, remote DEX, micro market integration and cashless reconciliation - whenever they are ready,” said Brendan Kehoe, vice president and general manager of Streamware, in a prepared statement.

All existing EASITRAX customers wishing to migrate to the VendMAX platform will have the option to transition with the license fee waived. Crane Merchandising Systems and CPI will work with each customer individually to develop and implement the right transition program for their business.  Additionally, specially designed tools and templates will be developed to streamline and simplify the conversion process for EASITRAX customers.

While there are benefits to be had by moving to VendMAX, CPI will maintain support for the EASITRAX Core product in the market for a minimum of 5 years.

“We are excited about the prospects of integrating these two great products.  Together we will have the largest and deepest solution set available in the industry,” said Brad Tedder, vice president and general manager for Intelligent Vending of CPI. “We are committed to work with all our customers to identify the right solution set based upon their business needs and strategies.”

Operators who are attending the 2014 NAMA OneShow are encouraged to visit the CPI, booth no. 513, and Crane Merchandising Systems, booth no. 601, for more education on the future for these two vending management solutions. 


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