Crane Announces Commercial Release Of Merchant Media Touch With New Features

April 9, 2014

Crane Merchandising Systems announced the commercial availability of its next generation snack and food machine, the Merchant Media with 7 inch touchscreen. Built to last, and featuring exciting new retail tools, the Merchant Media Touch revitalizes vending by attracting and engaging consumers, resulting in increased sales and new business for operators, according to the release. 

The Merchant Media Touch incorporates consumer friendly technology that meets the expectations of today’s consumers. Its new touchscreen empowers and enhances many of the other features now available, including the digital shopping cart, the ability to purchase more than one product at a time, the opportunity to view nutrition facts, vibrant advertisements and eye-catching promotions, all of which draw the consumer in and drive sales for the operator. 

Additionally, Merchant Media Touch features a built-in credit card reader and easy­-to-customize graphics, both of which can help operators differentiate their offering to win new business. In fact, when combined on a media machine, the built-in credit card reader and high-visibility credit card graphics specifically, have demonstrated the ability to increase credit-card usage by 100 percent, including multi-vends of over 20 percent.

“The positive response to Merchant Media Touch has been exciting. The way consumers are embracing the new technology lets us know that we have accomplished our goal of providing the industry with a next generation vending machine that will be relevant for years to come and be able to compete with other evolving retail channels,” said Ignacio Santa Cruz, product manager for Crane Merchandising Systems, in a prepared statement. “At Crane we strive to provide vending operators with tools they need to succeed and we truly believe that the Merchant Media Touch will do just that, in terms of sales, new business and longevity.”

With over 1,000 units in the field over the last year, Crane conducted extensive field tests to ensure Media Touch upholds the highest standards of durability and reliability. It features durable capacitive touchscreen technology and high-impact glass that protects the touchscreen from everyday use or vandalism attempt. Its scratch-resistant polycarbonate protects user interface graphics from peeling, tearing or vandalism. Additionally, built on NAMA Open Standards, it operates on the most advanced vending platform in the industry, and the use of advanced remote monitoring tools ensures optimal retail and operational results.


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