AirVend To Debut New Vending Payment Platforms At OneShow

April 4, 2014

AirVend Inc. is set to unveil its new AV7 and AV5 hardware platforms at the 2014 NAMA OneShow in Chicago, Ill. These next generation cashless payment devices were designed in direct response to customer feedback and new payment and technology trends, according to the release. The robust hardware is intended to be a high-performing, stable and future-proof platform.

Founder and CEO Chad Francis said in a prepared statement, "We're excited to bring our new hardware to market. First generation hardware is rarely everything you want, but it's extremely satisfying to be able to iterate and make our second generation hardware exactly what the industry wants and more."

While both vending technology devices contain the same components and features, they accommodate different vending machines. The AV7 is the ideal size with its 7-inch touchscreen, but the AV5 will be the platform of choice where installation space is limited, as it fits the standard knockout plate of most vending machines.

The new hardware contains an industrial-grade capacitive touchscreen, integrated M2M cellular modem, integrated Wi-Fi, card swipe, NFC, MDB, DEX and the ability to add other devices such as Bluetooth, EMV chip and pin, and more.

Co-Founder and EVP of Business Development Lance Ellsworth added, "The vending industry has made it clear that it needs high-performing, stable, affordable hardware that won't need to be upgraded anytime soon regardless of trends. We've listened to that feedback and feel we've very successfully met those requirements with our new second generation devices."


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