Innovative Software Technologies Announces New Chief Marketing Officer

Feb. 20, 2014

Innovative Software Technologies, Inc. announces the appointment of Mark Marchetta as chief marketing officer.

"This is an exciting development for Innovative," said Peter Peterson, chief executive officer of Innovative Software Technologies, Inc., in a prepared statement. "Having Mark serve in this new capacity will be a game changer for us. We are going to focus our efforts on messaging, branding and telling our compelling story, plus we will integrate and leverage our strategic acquisitions to add significant value for our shareholders."

"Innovative flourished when we established our strategic relationship with Mark and his company Maverick Interactive a year ago. He has a great understanding of how to work with the end user to satisfy business needs. In addition, his knowledge of marketing virtual businesses will advance our company goals and objectives. He is a natural choice for this new position," said Peterson.

Marchetta, said, "We've really accomplished so many positive things over the course of a year. I'm looking forward to serving Innovative and all of the new acquisitions and strategic relationships that we've fostered. We are absolutely in the right space at the right time. Traditional marketing campaigns have lost their efficacy as consumers have become more sophisticated and empowered. We provide solutions around the social, local and mobile technologies which enables fully integrated multi-channel engagement marketing. We have the go-to strategy for businesses to leverage the digital industry."

"Mark's background includes being on an elite Microsoft team that reported to Bill Gates and the executive board. This team was instrumental in launching Microsoft's distribution footprint in North America, Latin America and parts of Europe. Most recently he has served as president and chief executive officer of Maverick Interactive, a full service award winning public relations, advertising and marketing agency with a video design and production boutique. Innovative will harness the depth and breadth of his extensive experience to propel our company to the next level," Peterson said.