Crane Releases First VendMAX Software Update For 2014

Feb. 4, 2014

Crane Merchandising Systems has announced the release of its first VendMAX software update for 2014. Released twice a year, VendMAX updates provide new features and enhancements to the base VendMAX offering at no additional cost to existing customers. With this latest release, VendMAX 5.0.6 offers handheld alert messages for route drivers, new exceptions that facilitate problem-area tracking and the introduction of the Windows CE Operating System on all handhelds.   

The purpose of handheld messages and exceptions is to improve the accuracy of VendMAX data and the best place to do that is at the source – on the handheld, when the driver is in front of the machine. Developed as a mistake-proofing feature, VendMAX handhelds now perform several validation checks on the values entered by the driver. In the event of a possible error such as bad or missing DEX, negative vends, price mismatches or out of service products, the handheld will alert the driver, enabling him/her to fix the error, thus improving accountability, strengthening the pre-kit accuracy and reducing the amount of bring-backs. With the new VendMAX exceptions functionality, operators are able to track problem areas encountered by the driver and take the necessary actions to resolve, such as improving driver processes or providing additional driver training.

As part of this new release, the VendMAX handheld now runs completely in native Windows CE. Previously available only on delivery handhelds, the Windows CE platform eliminates the added cost of Styletap® licenses while providing a seamless user experience for both vending and delivery functions.  

During a field trial across four operators’ businesses, the features introduced in VendMAX 5.0.6 reduced the companies’ operational errors (both in the office and on the handheld) by 36 percent on average, as well as reduced the number of machines with pre-kit bring-backs by an average of 11 percent, the company reports. 

“We are very excited to be able to offer these new handheld features to our VendMAX customers,” said Silpa Pande, VendMAX product manager, in a prepared statement. “Just like our customers’ businesses, VendMAX continues to evolve, delivering tangible benefits with features that eliminate waste and improve customer service. Our key objective is enabling the success of our customers, and by consistently offering software updates that support their efficiency, we are doing just that.”

In addition to these key features, this update brings many new enhancements that will drive efficiencies for both VendMAX and DeliveryMAX users, including the ability to compare financial trends over a 12-month period and review product purchase activity by supplier which supports the analysis of purchase trends. VendMAX customers can learn more about all of the features and enhancements that they will receive as part of their annual maintenance service by participating in the VendMAX Software Update Webinar on Thursday, Feb. 6 at 2:00 p.m. EST. Click Here to Register


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