USAT Kicks Off 'Fifth Purchase Free' Payment, Loyalty Promotion In Conjunction With Isis Mobile Wallet

Dec. 5, 2013

USA Technologies, Inc. kicked off what USAT believes to be the largest mobile payment and loyalty promotion ever developed for the U.S. vending industry. Over 62,000 locations using USAT's ePort® point of sale device and ePort Connect® cashless payment service have been enabled with Isis SmartTap® technology for contactless payments, loyalty and rewards, and can now participate in the "Fifth Purchase Free" promotion.

Timed in support of the nationwide launch of the Isis Mobile Wallet, USAT's Fifth Purchase Free promotion makes it easy for vending operators throughout the U.S. to accept mobile payments and offer loyalty programs enabled by cashless payment technology.

To participate in the Fifth Purchase Free program, consumers with an Isis Mobile Wallet simply select a stored payment card and tap their smartphone at one of USAT's participating customer locations. After making four contactless purchases using the Isis Mobile Wallet at any participating vending location, the customer will receive a fifth purchase free.

"Our Fifth Purchase Free promotion is another way we are helping customers drive more business and more strategic benefits through their ePort Connect cashless payment platform," said Stephen P. Herbert, chairman and chief executive officer of USA Technologies, in a prepared statement. "As an extension of our ePort Connect suite of cashless payment services, it allows our customers to be part of a growing group of merchants offering rewards through the Isis Mobile Wallet and to benefit from the growing number of consumers expected to use mobile payment and mobile-based rewards."

"At the same time, we believe that the breadth of our cashless payment service network in self-serve retail helps drive ubiquity for Isis acceptance points across the U.S.," continued Herbert. "In the coming months, we also anticipate expanding those touch points, from over 62,000 today, to 80,000 customer locations that include workplaces, universities, travel & entertainment venues and other environments."

"Self-serve retail, particularly vending, is undergoing a paradigm shift in the way it engages with consumers because cashless, including mobile commerce, is creating a valuable networked platform that allows our customers to connect with consumers in new ways," said Herbert. "The Fifth Purchase Free promotion captures the essence of what loyalty programs are all about—engaging consumers, driving desired behavior and bringing them back for more. Through Fifth Purchase Free and MORE., our loyalty and prepaid card program, we're ensuring that our customers are poised to benefit from these exciting industry opportunities," said Herbert.

The Fifth Purchase Free promotion provides for reimbursement of the cost of the free vended item to all USAT vending customers with contactless ePort point of sale technology enabled with the Isis SmartTap.

"The Fifth Purchase Free promotion harnesses the power of mobile commerce to fundamentally change the way consumers pay and redeem offers at vending machines," said Jim Stapleton, chief sales officer, Isis®. "USAT's network of contactless touch points and their technical skills make them a key strategic partner for Isis and we look forward to our work together as we roll out the Fifth Purchase Free promotion nationwide."


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