Apriva Joins Samsung Solutions Exchange Program

Nov. 19, 2013

Apriva announced that it has become a member of the Samsung Solutions Exchange™. The Samsung Solutions Exchange addresses the needs of a line of business owners by creating holistic mobile solutions on a robust portfolio of enterprise-grade Samsung Mobile devices. As part of its participation, the company’s AprivaPay™ Plus application, a reliable mobile payments solution that enables convenient and cost-effective mobile payment acceptance, is available to business customers on Samsung smartphones and tablets.

“Apriva is delighted with its alliance with Samsung Mobile and honored to be a part of the Samsung Solutions Exchange program,” said Stacey Finley Tappin, Apriva’s senior vice president for sales and marketing communications in North America, in a prepared statement. “Having the opportunity to share our innovations with Samsung Mobile’s business customers is certainly a great opportunity for our company. We are confident that Samsung Mobile’s customer base will find great value in AprivaPay Plus as a very efficient and affordable vehicle to conduct payments.”  

Apriva’s participation in the Samsung Solutions Exchange marks the first collaboration between the two companies in the enterprise space. 

AprivaPay Plus is an intuitive, user-friendly application that enables merchants to process card-based payments, as well as record cash-based sales. The application allows devices across multiple operating systems to act as mobile point-of-sale terminals, where merchants can set sales tax rates and incorporate tipping right into the app, providing convenience for customers, and ensuring that all income is properly recorded and distributed. AprivaPay Plus also integrates a search feature that facilitates specific transaction retrieval, as well as an easy-to-use configuration tool that allows merchants to leverage bar codes and images to create specific inventory groups to expedite sales. AprivaPay Plus can be white labeled by financial institutions, merchant services providers and retailers, enabling these businesses to easily deploy their own branded mobile payment acceptance solutions into the marketplace.

The Samsung Solutions Exchange delivers a range of third party offerings for a variety of industries that increase productivity and ROI, including but not limited to sales and management applications, mobile device management solutions, cloud services, collaboration tools and security solutions – all designed to make it easier for enterprises to succeed in the new era of mobile business.


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