Crane Updates Streamware VMS, For Two Tier Pricing, OCS

Oct. 17, 2013

Crane Merchandising Systems has announced the release of new features and enhancements to its Streamware-branded VendMAX software. These enhancements enable VendMAX to offer two-tier pricing accountability on financial reports. While two-tier pricing allows vending operators to charge higher prices for credit card transactions, the higher revenue generated from these cashless sales has historically not been automatically incorporated in VMS-generated financials. This latest update to VendMAX will allow operators to automatically and accurately report cashless sales on their taxes, commissions and other revenue reports.  

Another key feature in this update is two-way integration with OCS Access. As an operator’s customer enters orders on OCS Access, orders are automatically generated in DeliveryMAX for the route driver to fulfill. The seamless integration of the two eliminates manual entry and ensures data integrity, according to the release.

This update also includes two new enhancements to Crane Streamware’s sales tax management and reporting capabilities. Operators can now define sales tax in VendMAX based on a minimum taxable price, a requirement in multiple states. Additionally, operators in New York can now get taxable and non-taxable sales information necessary for new state tax reporting requirements that went into effect this month. 

“New product development is a key focus for Crane Streamware, as we want to serve as a trusted technology partner in the vending industry. To that end, we consistently develop new and enhanced features that will have a positive impact on our customers’ businesses – driving increased sales or improving operational efficiencies,” said Silpa Pande, VendMAX product manager, in a prepared statement. “As new technologies and regulations change our customers’ business requirements, they can be sure that VendMAX will change as well, enabling their success going forward.”

In addition to these key enhancements, this update brings several new features that will drive efficiencies for both VendMAX and DeliveryMAX users. These enhancements will enable customers to:

·  Easily create recurring service calls so that they are scheduled automatically

·  Generate automatic truck loads for delivery based on previous purchase history, saving time and resources

·  Specify different rental billing periods in DeliveryMAX per customer

·  Automate the frequency of periodic statements emailed to their customers.

With the exception of OCS Access integration, all of these feature enhancements are included in the annual maintenance service of VendMAX, DeliveryMAX and FoodMAX and are provided at no additional cost to customers with active support plans, according to the company. Those interested in OCS Access pricing can contact Lee Beal at [email protected].


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