AVT Releases New Version Of Remote Monitoring Vending System

Sept. 12, 2013

AVT, Inc., a leader in automated retailing systems, self-service stores and kiosks, announced the release of a new version of its TSv™ system, which allows owners and operators to remotely manage their automated stores. The connectivity of these systems is managed by AVT's exclusive wireless network, and acts as a revenue magnifier, providing the company with a growing monthly cash flow.

"I invite everyone to take a closer look at AVT," said James Winsor, CEO and chief technology officer, in a prepared statement. "We have transformed ourselves into a leading technology company, and have developed or improved not only methods of delivering products to people through automated retailing, but we also now have an entire suite of backend management and connectivity systems that have launched AVT into a new realm, providing a substantial revenue stream and opportunities for future growth."

"TSv is the heartbeat of AVT," Winsor commented. "It is built into each of our systems, and provides a level of connectivity that has never before been possible," he added. "These are exciting times at AVT as we continue to find new ways to advance our industry, our company, and our value."