USAT Delivers ‘MORE.’ Loyalty And Prepaid Program For Vending

Aug. 21, 2013

USA Technologies, Inc. (USAT) announced details of its ePort Connect® loyalty and prepaid program, called MORE. Through MORE., USAT customers will be able to offer rewards and discount offers for products purchased at USAT cashless-enabled locations to build loyalty, repeat business and a greater understanding of consumer purchasing preferences. MORE., offered as an enhancement to USAT's comprehensive ePort Connect® service, is a byproduct of USAT's ongoing commitment to drive additional value for customers through every connection to its ePort Connect service, according to the release.

MORE. enables USAT's customers to offer either a standard or customized reloadable card, giving their customers access to more rewards, more exclusive offers and promotions and more discounts for future purchases at participating self-service machines.

In keeping with USAT's one-stop approach to service, the MORE. toolkit includes everything necessary to get started and contains a variety of marketing tools such as posters, postcards and coasters as well as prepaid cards. In addition, USAT's integrated mobile marketing app will give vending operators the ability to heighten the consumer experience, especially for today's growing smart phone-oriented generation, reports USAT.

Under the standard MORE. program, customers will receive a variety of marketing pieces including an initial supply of prepaid cards, a customer-friendly online registration portal ( and access to a loyalty and prepaid campaign manager through their ePort Connect online reporting interface. USAT customers can also opt for an upgraded MORE. program that enables them to customize the web interface, cards and marketing materials with their company logo and colors.

"Our customers have been asking for a loyalty and prepaid solution that helps them differentiate their service and build repeat business," said Maeve McKenna Duska, USAT's vice president of marketing, in a prepared statement. "MORE. supports these opportunities. In contrast to a cash-only environment with no connection to the consumer, MORE. has the potential to drive new and repeat business through special incentives, ongoing communications, new product information and cash-back rewards. Owners and operators of self-service, unattended retail terminals can establish a meaningful, one-to-one relationship with the consumer, be proactive in drawing consumers in to purchase, and as a result, increase sales and satisfaction with the service."

"Many of our customers are well aware of the opportunities a loyalty program can provide. As such, MORE. has been well received, with a handful of agreements already in place," continued Duska. "We believe that adding MORE. to all cashless-enabled locations is a smart investment that will appeal to today's consumer—an enhancement that can provide substantial upside in MORE. ways than one."


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