Feig Offers EMV Contactless Credit Card Reader For Vending Machines

Aug. 19, 2013

Feig Electronics USA announced the release of its second EMV contactless reader solution. The OBID MyAXXESS AddOn model is designed for retrofitting the contactless reader in existing payment terminals. The two-piece design only requires small holes be drilled in the payment terminal for a cable connection between the internally mounted reader and the externally mounted reader antenna plus 4 attachment holes for the unit.

The new design can be used in any contactless payment application including NFC. It has several design features that make it ideal for vending machine applications, according to the company. The add-on compliments the previously released FlatOne design. The FlatOne’s patent pending design allows it to be flush mounted into metal skinned payment terminals and still achieve full EMVCo Level 1 performance targets for read distance.

Common design features between the two readers include the highest rating for impact testing (robust to vandalism) and suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, reports Feig.

EMV stands for  Europay, MasterCard and Visa, an advanced security measure all credit cards are moving toward in the U.S.