CompuVend Releases Newest PreKitPro Prekitting Module

Aug. 13, 2013

CompuVend announced the latest release of PreKitPro, its prekitting module designed to allow operators to prekit either from the warehouse or provide route drivers with the information they need to accurately pull the required product from the truck upon arriving at the location. This eliminates an extra trip into the account and the time needed to count down each machine.

The module allows the driver to service more machines in a day, increase the amount of money collected for each day and spend less time on the route, according to the release. When prekitting from the truck, rather than the warehouse, PreKitPro will also allow operators to know the total amount of each product needed to load on each truck, thereby saving time and eliminating additional product from riding around on the truck. Mark Kronenberg, president of CompuVend Systems, said in a prepared statement, “prekitting allows you to consolidate routes and ultimately reduce the number of trucks being operated.” 

This enhanced version of PreKitPro provides more flexibility for the user, additional functionality for route drivers and improved control over the route driver’s inventory. Operators will be able to see if a driver is removing product from a machine or pre-kit box and not returning it for credit, according to the release. This prevents drivers from selling products off of the truck and not turning in the cash.

These enhancements accompany other features of CompuVend Systems’ powerful PreKitPro prekitting module such as algorithms which will utilize information from several different sources to determine the most accurate requirements possible, the ability to selectively pre-kit for only certain types of machines, the capability to adjust pre-kit quantities and to determine the quantities needed for machines not scheduled on a route. In addition, pre-kit quantities automatically appear on the route driver’s mobile computer as each machine is serviced along with the ability to easily make adjustments as necessary. PreKitPro also ensures that all inventory is accounted for whether it is on the driver’s truck, put in the machine, or returned to the warehouse for credit.


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