Coin Acceptors Releases $5/$10 Polymer Software For Vantage Bill Acceptors

July 23, 2013

Coin Acceptors, Inc. announces the release of the $5/$10 Polymer Vantage Software. The release comes almost four months ahead of the Bank of Canada’s schedule to start circulation of the $5/$10 Polymer bills. Vending operators who update their software soon will be ready for the new notes when they are released.

For customer convenience, the software upgrades can be accomplished using the FP5 field programmer or units can be returned to one of the Coinco’s authorized service centers.  If an FP5 has already been purchased for the most recent $20 polymer or $1/$2 coinage updates, simply return the FP5 to our Coin Acceptors Canada, Toronto location, to have the complimentary update installed.

In addition, the MC7212 software, which includes the $5, $10 and $20 polymer series notes, will be available in late August 2013.  This is the last note series supporting the MC7212 units.  Once again, customers have the option of returning the units to a Coinco authorized service center for updating or purchasing a MC7212 field programmer.

Please contact your nearest Coin Acceptors Canada location at 1-800-387-9300 to discuss options in greater detail.  Branches are located in Toronto, Montreal and Calgary. 


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