Cantaloupe Releases Seed Mobile™ To Apple App Store

March 20, 2013

Cantaloupe Systems recently announced that Seed Mobile, the easy-to-use, low-cost driver handheld app for Apple iPhones and iPod Touch devices is now available for free download through the Apple App Store.

Optimized for ease of use and driver efficiency, Seed Mobile takes advantage of modern smart-device hardware from Apple to enable fast and accurate data entry and deliver rich graphical displays, using photo, video, and other IOS features, according to the release. Seed Mobile™ has revolutionized vending by providing the most cost and time efficient alternative to traditional, expensive, clunky and time-wasting vending management system (VMS) handhelds that were designed two decades ago. It is part of Seed Platform™, the all in one, cloud-based suite of telemetry, analytics, cashless and VMS applications that power modern vending businesses around the world.

“Seed Mobile is a game changer,” said Justin Grant, director of product for Cantaloupe Systems, in a prepared statement, “Not only do Apple devices equipped with Seed Mobile cost less than 10 percent of traditional VMS handhelds that are more than upwards of $2,500 per route, but Seed Mobile also increases driver efficiency for an even bigger financial win. Instead of wasting time with a stylus and flaky DEX cables, Seed Mobile allows drivers to accelerate data entry, saving an average of 2 minutes per service visit. That can add up to an hour or more per day so the driver can visit more machines and increase sales.”

Available now on the Apple App Store, Seed Mobile has been upgraded to include:

  • Seed Mobile Photo Audit™ gives operators access to photos of their machines online showing each machine’s planogram and cleanliness without the high cost of field audits.
  • Seed Mobile Video Audit™ prevents theft on cash collections by validating that the drivers’ meter readings match a video recording of the cash meter.
  • Seed Mobile List View saves driver time while servicing machines by matching on-device displays to the activity being performed.
  • Seed Mobile Status Markers provides at-a-glance tracking of service status inside a machine, saving time when tracking down data entry problems.
  • Seed Mobile App Update eliminates IT overhead to update Seed Mobile when new versions are released in the Apple App Store.

“Seed Mobile has been an incredible addition to the Seed Platform. It’s saving us time, money and is just plain cool when our customers see us with iPod Touches in the field,” says Mike Cordaro from CRH Catering, a large vending operator servicing Pennsylvania, Virginia and Maryland. “We can hold our drivers accountable for cash, planogram compliance and cleanliness of the machine visually now, while making it easier for them in the field. Best of all it’s so easy to train them on it. If you can play Angry Birds, you can use Seed Mobile!”

Seed Mobile is available on the Apple App Store for clients utilizing Seed Office as their VMS solution.


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