Stevia Launches Social Media Campaign

Nov. 12, 2012

Stevia First Corp., an early-stage agribusiness based in California's Central Valley growing region and focused on the industrial scale production of stevia, the all-natural zero-calorie sweetener, has launched a full suite of social media tools aimed at improving the company's ability to reach and engage with its growing audience of followers.

Management intends to provide information that offers perspective and informative insights, industry news and topics of interest in a timely fashion to financial advisors, investors and journalists. The company is especially pleased to introduce the launch of its Corporate Blog featured on available here:

"We truly appreciate the importance of connecting with financial professionals, investors and media on the various social platforms they use, and these tools provide the opportunity to have open discussions, increase transparency and get better acquainted with our community," said Robert Brooke, CEO of Stevia First.

The implementation of Stevia First's CEO Blog will provide a forum to present a greater understanding of the strategic and tactical activities being undertaken by the company. The goal of the CEO Blog and related Social Media tools is to deliver engaging, relevant and current events that are meaningful to Stevia First's followers.

Stevia First will connect on CEO Blog, Facebook, Twitter , LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube