Rawls Distributing Co. Adds USA Technologies DEX Program With VendSys

Oct. 2, 2012

USA Technologies, Inc. (USAT) recently announced completion of its broadest, integrated deployment of ePort telemetry of data with vending management solution provider and USAT DEX Partner, VendSys, for USAT customer, Rawls Distributing Co.  The launch represents the next level of deployment services offered by USAT to help customers maximize the multiple benefits of cashless payments and wireless telemetry of vending management data.

USAT’s DEX Partner Program optimizes customers’ use of cashless payment offerings by integrating USAT’s wireless DEX and telemetry available through its ePort Connect® service with one of several vending management solutions available in the market today.  The combined solution is designed to broaden the anticipated benefits of each technology, for even greater return on an operator’s investment.  

Rawls, an operator of more than 1,200 vending machines in Savannah, Ga., utilized  USAT and VendSys, a leader in internet-based vending management systems that integrates vending management software fed by both handheld devices and wireless telemetry from USAT’s ePorts®.

Jim Turner, vice president of cashless deployment services, USAT, explained in a prepared statement:  “Rawls was seeking a solution that would make the most efficient use of today’s technologies. We began with USAT's business-planning process for cashless deployment, which targets what we believe were the most lucrative locations for Rawls’ initial cashless deployment.  Working with VendSys, we then layered on the anticipated benefits of our wireless DEX for Rawls’ high volume routes, while supporting lower volume routes with handheld data transmission — all of which fed into Rawls’ new VendSys system.” 

Robin Rawls, president of Rawls Distribution, said:  “The result was a hybrid solution that greatly expanded the business benefits had we approached these technologies individually. For example, we found that the addition of DEX telemetry to cashless vending shifted our transaction dollar hurdle by 67 percent, from a minimum of $5,000 a year per machine in cash sales before deploying cashless, to $3,000 a year — greatly expanding the machines qualifying for deployment and the corresponding benefits from same.

“As a result of the efficiencies we gained from teaming up with USA Technologies and VendSys,” continued Rawls, “today we are doing more volume and higher gross profit margins on 9 routes, than what we were achieving on 14 routes a year ago.  And our top 100 cashless machines are delivering over $2,500 card sales at 30 percent cashless usage.  Our VendSys vending management system experience supported by USAT’s DEX Partner Program has been delivering every benefit, from ease of deployment, employee training, and cost savings, to operational efficiencies.  There is no one within 200 miles of us able to compete with our technology and services.”

USA Technologies operates within the VDI (Vending Data Interchange) standards established by NAMA (National Automatic Merchandising Association) and sends DEX files compatible with most major remote management software systems.  This compatibility enables USAT to deliver DEX downloads to these systems and eliminates the need for additional wireless devices or handhelds.  DEX from USAT’s telemeter drives the vending management system that schedules machines to be serviced and the product to be filled.

Bill Lockett, VendSys sales director, said:  “A major advantage offered by VendSys is its ability to work seamlessly on a strategic selection of machines to create the most efficient and affordable solution.  This allowed us to focus on a hybrid model, enabling the operator to take advantage of credit card acceptance and wireless DEX telemetry where the largest incremental benefits were believed to exist, and use standard pre-kit forecasting where that made sense.   Together, the combined solutions from USA Technologies and VendSys improved operational efficiency and vending machine management without incurring sales losses due to out of stocks, while adding convenience and improved consumer satisfaction for a heightened purchasing experience at the vending machine,” concluded Lockett.

As a result of the success of Rawls’ integrated deployment, Rawls is now working to deploy USAT’s Two-Tier Pricing Program. 




July 2, 2012
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