AVT, Inc. Partners With Internet Solutions Provider Lunarpages To Provide Cloud-Based Solutions For Vending And Automated Retailing

Aug. 8, 2012

AVT, Inc. has formed a new company named ARC - Automated Retail Control. The new company is formed in partnership with Lunarpages Internet Solutions, an IT provider based in Anaheim, Calif.

ARC will focus on providing cloud-based solutions to the vending and automated retailing industry. ARC will give users a customizable control panel to remotely manage an individual or group of vending machines or automated retailing systems.

ARC will also be the exclusive provider of AVT's licensed technology, which was recently granted a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

The patented technology, which covers the use of a wireless system to manage a network of remote vending machines, is currently being licensed to both new users of the system and to companies that have been using a similar process and may not have been aware that they were infringing on a patent.

"We look forward to helping any company come into compliance, by offering them a license to use our powerful, patented system," according to Shannon Illingworth, founder and chairman of AVT in a prepared statement. "Through our new company, vending operators can legally license this technology, which will allow them to manage virtually every aspect of their business through an online portal, thereby reducing their workload, increasing their productivity, adding new revenue streams, and enhancing their customer's experience."

George Natzic, CEO of Lunarpages, stated: "We are pleased to partner with AVT on this new venture. Now the owners and operators of vending machines and automated self-service retailing systems have a comprehensive tool for controlling and managing their units. It's the world's first complete wireless management solution."

For more information on AVT call 877-424-3663 or visit AVT's website at www.autoretail.com

For more information on Lunarpages, visit www.lunarpages.com.