Microtronic US Announces PCI Compliance Status For All Of Its Micro Markets

July 27, 2012

Microtronic US announced that all micro markets built by Microtronic US have achieved PCI compliancy status as of May 1, 2012.

"This has been a work in progress and we are pleased to make this announcement.  Our first line of micro market kiosks did not need PCI compliance because we were using our current loading station to add value to cards and stickers, which uses MEI equipment for PCI requirements,” said Terri Starnes-Bryant, president of Microtronic US, LLC, based in High Point, N.C. “The addition of our 'Advanced Micro Market', which incorporates cash loading and credit/debit card loading as well as credit/debit card purchases, PCI compliance was a requirement by our team. We knew we did not want to have any of our operators or ourselves liable in case of a security breach.  We can safely say, we have crossed that hurtle."

Starnes said Microtronic US has the only micro market system that can incorporate satellite vending machines using the same card. This has led to operators' successful deployment of the Micro Market in addition to their requirement of vending at many locations.

For information, contact the company at 800-879-3586; 336-869-0429; Website:

www.MicrotronicUS.com; www.YourMicroMarket.com.