Cantaloupe Systems Partners with Unified Strategies Group to Provide Vending Operators with Seed Wireless Vending Technology

Feb. 16, 2012

Cantaloupe Systems has entered into a partnership with Unified Strategies Group (USG) to offer USG’s buying consortium of more than 700 vending operators Seed Telemetry, Seed Pro, and Seed Cashless solutions. As the leading provider of wireless-enabled monitoring, business intelligence and analytics technology and services to the $55 billion global vending industry, Cantaloupe Systems offers a variety of choices for vending operators – from basic telemetry to advanced payment options such as Google Wallet.

“Cantaloupe Systems currently has more than 30,000 machines online with USG and plans to double that in 2012,” said Mandeep Arora, co-founder and CEO of Cantaloupe Systems in a prepared statement. “With a one-stop solution that’s fully integrated with all major Vending Management System software packages, we’re confident that when USG members are presented with all the vending technology options, Cantaloupe will be the clear winner.”

Cantaloupe Systems is working with USG to offer its members a fully integrated platform that reduces the overall investment needed for telemetry, cashless and advanced vending management systems.  Using the Web-based remote machine-monitoring-and-reporting features of Seed vending technology, operator can reduce overall investment and simplify the implementation process.  USG members now benefit from a special “buy one, get one free” offer on Seed devices for companies committing to full telemetry and cashless rollouts.

“USG is committed to supporting its members that are transitioning to a business model built on telemetry and cashless vending,” said Chris Stave, USG vice president. “The use of telemetry devices, integrated with analytic software and cashless processing, like the Seed Platform from Cantaloupe, provides vending operators the tools to gain great efficiencies in their business as well as enable them to transition to a more retail-oriented business model."

Cantaloupe Systems’ Seed Platform, the most effective vending optimization solution in the industry, gives vending operators more pricing flexibility and additional sales opportunities by enabling cashless purchases and supporting Google Wallet and other mobile payment solutions. The Seed Platform gathers data from machines wirelessly over the Internet, enabling Optimized Scheduling that delivers maximum route and merchandising efficiencies. By analyzing inventory levels, cash in the machine and geographic considerations, the web-based application automatically generates the most efficient delivery schedules and pick lists based on real-time, item-level sales data. Warehouse personnel use this information to load orders for each machine, providing drivers with more time to focus on servicing their routes. The platform also provides vending operators tools to reconcile daily cash collection and capture spoilage and inventory variances. SeedSync™, a customizable integration tool that is part of the Seed Platform, integrates all collected data with existing vending management or other software packages, ensuring company-wide information integrity. Seed technology is currently installed in more than 70,000 vending machines. 


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