Palm Beach County, Fla. School Board Wants To Expand Cashless Program To Improve Accountability

July 18, 2011

In response to accounting issues discovered by district auditors, such as missing records of cash collected for school fundraising events, Palm Beach County, Fla. school board members asked district officials to expand the capacity of the cashless system so district officials would be handling less cash and there would be less chance for thefts, according to The Palm Beach Post in Palm Beach, Fla. 

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Editor’s Insight: School systems have found the point-of-sale cashless systems beneficial in several ways. The systems speed up lunch lines and thereby give kids more time to eat. They also allow school districts to document their participation levels in government meal programs.

The Palm Beach County, Fla. board members now see the automated system as a way to improve their foodservice program’s accountability.

The more cash can be removed from the process, the greater the accountability. This is true not just for schools, but all foodservice environments. 07-18-11 by Elliot Maras