Yoke Payments Introduces Robust New Payment Terminal To Better Serve Its Customers And End-Users

March 11, 2019

Hollywood, CA (March 6, 2019) – Yoke Payments™ today announced its new payment terminal designed for a better operator and end-user experience. The terminal housing has been redesigned for maximized efficiency and increased durability. After significant consumer testing and behavioral analysis, the Yoke product design team identified optimal placement for the credit card reader and bar code scanner to simplify and speed up the end user’s experience.

The new and improved payment terminal also features a new VESA certified mounting system. Depending on the market build outdesign, operators can choose a wall mount, tabletop or floor stand, along with power cord options of six or ten feet. The terminal uses Apple’s latest 6th Gen 9.7” iPad along with a 2D bar code scanner and credit card swiper. The unit connects easily to any WiFi or cellular network and operators can utilize Yoke’s Verizon data plan or add the device to their existing cellular plan.

The new terminal continues to run on the Yoke Payments award-winning self-checkout software platform. The new terminal includes a built-in remote monitoring program providing complete control of connectivity and seamless updates without the need of human interaction at the terminal. Yoke also can brand the terminal and mobile application to provide an even more custom feel and look.

“At Yoke Payments we listen to our customers and make necessary changes to the system and platform that will ultimately help them maximize their growth potential,” stated Ben Thomas, Co-Founder and VP of Dreams. “The new payment terminal takes in to account our customers’ needs and requests, while maintaining a sleek look with ultimate functionality.”

Founded by Michael Johnson and Benjamin Thomas in 2014, Yoke Payments combines the mobile wallet and cash register to create a simplified payment solution for its operators and their customers in the micro-market and vending industries. End users of the payment solution are asked to simply: Scan. Pay. Enjoy. The self-checkout point-of-sale system uses a tablet or mobile device and allows users to quickly and efficiently grab their desired items and checkout with no wait.

A key aspect of Yoke’s platform is a dedicated Inventory Management System to support their users’ needs and business operations. Available on both desktop and mobile devices, the platform allows users to keep track of and manage inventory, pull reports, and analytics at the click of a button. In addition, the platform gives customer accounts the ability to load and use funds for purchase via the mobile app or checkout terminal. Customers can collect loyalty points per transaction and redeem a market credit for purchases. The platforms also offer a payroll deduct option called “YokeTab,” where customers can add products to a running tab and cash out at any time.

Since its inception, Yoke Payments has succeeded by forging strong partnerships with the industry’s top platforms to enhance a customer’s offering and streamline the end-user experience. From its partnership with Cantaloupe Systems and VendSys – which provides integration into their operators’ current Vending Management Systems – to Triteq Locks, which allows their customers to keep their cooler door always locked, Yoke Payments is at the leading edge of the micro-market and vending payments industry. For more information about Yoke Payments, visit: www.yokepayments.com.

About Yoke Payments

Yoke Payments, an award-winning micro market payments and inventory system, delivers an all-in-one solution for operators who strive to have quick and reliable service for their end users. Yoke’s software grants its customers a dynamic point-of-sale system, business management tools, and integration with various third-party applications. Founded in 2014, Yoke’s expert payments team helps vending operators modernize their business by bringing a mobile and cashless system to their users. Awarded the 2016 Silver Medal in Best POS Innovation, Yoke Payments emphasizes their commitment to quality, customer service through their premier payment solution. With Yoke, users don’t just get a payments software; they get a best-in-class payments team. For more information, visit yokepayments.com.


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