Vagabond Vending modernizes vīv reader as sun sets on 2G/3G; new payment device ships in Q1

Nov. 3, 2021

Washington, DC-based Vagabond Vending will be offering a new vīv credit card reader supporting swipe, dip, tap cashless payment methods with its vīv mobile touchless technology built directly into the device.

Vagabond is now accepting preorders on a first-come basis for its latest vīv reader, which will begin shipping in the first quarter of 2022. The company said sunsetting 2G/3G cellular networks disabling numerous credit card readers and global supply chain disruptions are prompting vending operators to plan ahead to reserve units.

The LTE vīv reader was designed with a modular cellular modem. As a result, if and when LTE devices do sunset, like 2G/3G units are currently experiencing, the cellular modem can be swapped out for a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire credit card reader.

Vagabond noted that it provides a VMS solution included with its monthly service fee for the devices and operators can have the sales data sent to the VMS of their choosing.

In addition to traditional cashless payments, the new vīv reader supports remote, touchless purchases at vending machines when used with the vīv payments solution.

According to Vagabond, consumers paying with vīv, which the company calls "vīvers," make 76% more monthly purchases at vending machines than traditional credit card users or 8.8 monthly vīv transactions, compared with five monthly traditional credit card transactions per consumer.

This results from direct consumer engagement vīa email, the company added, and by providing operators the ability to change pricing remotely on-demand and schedule vīv pricing events for expiring, strategic, high-margin, and high-rebate products. Vīv also allows operators to promote certain products by visually placing items at the top of the vīv menu.

To preorder touchless vīv reader's send inquiries to or call (202) 695-8228.


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