USA Technologies Demonstrates Mobile-Based Interactive Coupon And Loyalty Services At Mobile IT Conference

Oct. 12, 2012

USA Technologies (USAT) is demonstrating its new mobile-based loyalty and couponing services at MobileCON™ 2012, a mobile IT and enterprise event in San Diego.

Visitors will be able to participate in USAT's demonstration of a mobile app for coupon and loyalty services that enables owners and operators of self-service terminals like vending machines to engage and interact with their customers outside of the traditional point of sale experience. The mobile application enables consumers to receive product and brand information, manage and redeem loyalty points for coupons and cash to use at participating unattended and traditional retail locations, search for participating retailers based on where the consumer is in real time, and verify that their favorite item is in stock at the machine in their area. Consumers can redeem coupons at unattended terminals using their NFC phones with digital wallet, credit card or debit cards, or a prepaid account.

"Mobile-based consumer engagement applications are an entirely new revenue opportunity for the majority of the small ticket, unattended retail market," said Maeve McKenna Duska, vice president of marketing for USA Technologies, in a prepared statement. "At the CTIA Wireless show in May, using a Susie's Lemonade vending machine, we demonstrated how consumers could make a purchase at a machine utilizing USAT's cashless payment and telemetry solutions and receive a coupon via email. At MobileCON, we are taking it to a new level with contextual applications (which provide a customized rewards experience based on where the consumer is and what they have purchased in the past), machine coupon redemption, and the ability to push information, advertisements and inventory to consumers. Owners and operators of unattended terminals like vending machines can now look forward to the ability to engage with consumers before the point of sale—and to positively impact sales in a proactive, strategic way."

USAT currently has a co-marketing agreement with Verizon Wireless. USAT's comprehensive ePort Connect service includes the Verizon Wireless network for connectivity and the Verizon Wireless M2M sales team includes USAT's cashless and telemetry solutions in their M2M sales toolkit.


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