Guest Blog: Some Food Industry Trends You Might Have Missed In 2014

June 5, 2014

Just read an interesting blog posting at – with a real surprise for the vending industry. The author, Suzy Badaracco, highlights ten food industry trends she believes were missed by forecasters predicting what would be “hot” in 2014.

Among the impactful trends for our industry are:

  1. Consumers are (even) more adventurous in seeking new and different foods.
  2. New beverages – drinkable grains – are an up-and-coming category.
  3. “Vending couldn’t be hotter right now,” says Badaracco. That was noted as a “technology” trend.

What does this mean for us on an everyday basis?

  1. Are you experimenting and adding new menu items and different cuisines? Try something new every week. Feature items as LTOs (limited time offers). If sales are strong try it again. You’ll find that some items will be possible menu additions. This applies to food, snacks and beverages – both hot and cold.
  2. Have you noticed that snacks are becoming beverages? You’ll also find that beverages are becoming snacks. Be aggressive in seeking new products “on trend” in this emerging category. Don’t be late to the party.
  3. We need to capitalize on all of the technology resources we can deploy at the locations we serve. Vending, as delivered ten years ago, is out-of-date – bland, boring and slow.  It’s an analog solution in a digital world. It’s time for our industry to move beyond clean, filled and working. In case you missed it – read about ten innovative vending machines – from a posting at Pulse from PDD Group Ltd.

Isn’t it great that vending gets mentioned as an important technology trend for 2014?