Commerce Trends Predicted For 2020 Include Customizing Emails, Increasing Contactless Transactions

Dec. 17, 2019

As the new year begins, retailers ought to examine the trends in their respective industries. Technology fields that impact automatic retail include e-commerce and communications. Twilio, 2Checkout, Absolunet and Juniper Research have each provided analysis of the trends to come in 2020.

Twilio, a communications company, announced today the results of its fourth annual Twilio SendGrid Email Benchmark and Engagement Study, in which it surveyed recipients of emails sent on its platform.

Based on its findings, its recommendations to companies sending e-blasts include the following:

1. Enable recipients to adjust how frequently they receive emails, and which types of emails they receive. Keep frequently sent emails short, and tailor emails to your customers to make sure the emails are as helpful as possible.

2. Use color effectively, and limit the number of images and amount of text within emails.

Absolunet noted in a press release that interactive email will be one of the top trends for 2020, along with facial recognition, device tracking, and rapid delivery services. Read more here.

Juniper Research predicts that the use of contactless point-of-sale devices will greatly increase by 2024. Its research is detailed in POS Hardware: Payments Innovation, Vendor Analysis & Market Forecasts 2019-2024. It stated in a press release that the average value per contactless transaction will grow from under $19 in 2019 to over $23 in 2024. The company has provided a free whitepaper, Key Trends in the POS Hardware Market.

Finally, mobile payment and credit cards with installments will be additional payments methods to trend in 2020, according to 2Checkout.