Grupo Bimbo Incorporates Degradable Packaging 100% Environment Friendly

Sept. 3, 2019

Grupo Bimbo is the first Mexican enterprise to incorporate this new technology

Mexico City, August 28th , 2008.- Grupo Bimbo announced today at a press conference, that it has begun the use of degradable polyethylene packaging for its products, which makes it the first Mexican company in using this material that is 100% environment - friendly.

Daniel Servitje, General Director of Grupo Bimbo commented that, “Grupo Bimbo is the first Enterprise in Mexico to incorporate this new packaging technology in its production processes. We wish to invite all the other companies of the different industries to come on board with this initiative, and begin also to use these degradable materials in their processes.”

For his part, Ramon Rivera, Operations Director of Grupo Bimbo, commented, “we are very proud of this step that we are taking in our country, we are migrating to new degradable packaging in stages, beginning with our line of Bimbo White Loaf Bread ‘Pan Blanco Bimbo’, to subsequently incorporate the buns’ lines and then continue to add all of our products and those of other regions in Latin America.”

He added that “the products packaged in degradable wrapping preserve their freshness and all of their characteristics exactly the same as those using traditional wrapping, and therefore consumers can have total confidence that the product will continue to be exactly the same.”


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