Podcast: Part 2 from the NAMA Show: New operators, new technology, new products and a new attitude

May 28, 2024
Interest in convenience services is surging among newcomers to the industry, with many aspiring entrepreneurs eager to become operators. These newcomers were actively seeking solutions at the 2024 NAMA Show, where even seasoned operators found much to admire.

There is a growing interest in convenience services by newcomers to the industry – entrepreneurs who aspire to be operators. These newbies were seeking solutions at the 2024 NAMA Show, while experienced operators found plenty of things to be impressed about.

In this episode of Automatic Merchandiser’s Vending & OCS Nation Podcast, host Bob Tullio explores the new operator phenomenon, talking to some new arrivals and industry veterans. As promised in the last episode, he offers up five more observations regarding the 2024 NAMA Show in Dallas and supports those observations with multiple operator interviews.

In addition to the new operator discussion, the podcast looks at the excitement surrounding the industry, technology and products that impressed operators, the one clearly hot trend in micro market technology and why OCS is still a critically important channel for operators.

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About the Author

Bob Tullio

Since selling his business in January of 2017, Bob Tullio has been an active industry consultant at www.tullioB2B.com focused on content creation, strategic planning, sales training and business development. In addition to serving a growing client base, he has written over 50 columns and features, providing operators and others with an inside look at how he helped build a successful business from the ground up. He can be reached at 818-261-1758 or [email protected].


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