ImpulseBuy enables auto-procurement for grab-and-go, self-checkout markets

Oct. 12, 2021

The Denver, CO-based retail software company’s new program will auto-receive inventory based on quantities ordered to simplify the process for non-retail businesses like hotels, campgrounds and multifamily communities to offer grab-and-go retail with self-checkout in their common areas.

"This solution is painfully overdue for our industry," said Janine Williams, chief executive of Impulsify. "We have food distributors that don't have technology to track stock levels at these small format micro markets, and software companies that don't have retail product to ship them.

“Our clients end up with a really cool amenity their customers want, but it sits empty because they are too busy running their core business to stay on top of retail inventory,” she continued. “That's a problem to solve."


Impulsify's ShopPoP kiosk design with touchless QR scan option.
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