Three Square Market Evolves Their Business To Be A Leader In Changing The Landscape Of Retail

Feb. 12, 2020
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Beyond The Breakroom: Three Square Market Evolves Their Business To Be A Leader In Changing The Landscape Of Retail

Published on February 11, 2020

Three Square Market (32M) opened its most recent public facing self checkout, autonomous store in suburban Milwaukee, WI last week. Partnered with John Ward and Serenity Markets, this store sits right next to national brands H&M and Maurice's in Brookfield Square. While some retail malls are struggling, Brookfield Square has over 85% occupancy and continues to holds its’ anchor tenants and 32M is pleased with its’ opening weeks of results.

We get asked daily “why brick and mortar retail....isn’t the mall dying?” said Three Square President Patrick McMullan. “Candidly, some are. But others, including Brookfield Square, are very viable. In malls that are not thriving, we are deploying some of our other technology developed the last 2.5 years plus our self pay solutions in leading use change from solely retail to a mix of housing, entertainment, office and municipal use .... plus shopping”.

Brookfield Square is owned and managed by CBL Properties based in Chattanooga, TN. 32M is working on opening over 20 new locations in CBL properties across the U.S. plus with other mall management firms. Combined with over 40 other existing public facing stores located in malls, campuses, apartments, condos and office complexes, 32M will open its’ 50th public facing store in Q1, 2020 and expects to have its’ 100th public facing store open by the start of the third quarter this year.

”Our mission is to bring retail to work you live, work and play” added Mr. McMullan. “With national agreements in the multi family sector and more coming in other untapped markets, you will be able to shop at a 32M location everywhere you turn”.

“Our mission changed a year ago” said 32M CEO Todd Westby. “Our clients are consistently competing in the break-room setting against each other, we took our business to the white space outside the break-room and every autonomous retail store we have opened has generated an onslaught of incremental opportunities inside and outside of the breakroom arena for our clients with little to no competition”.

Each Three Square location also has 32M’s Norm Technology coolers and freezers. “We built a cooler designed for autonomous stores” said 32M Vice President Kurk Johnson. “Our smart lock technology ensures the safety and quality of your product using our proprietary app”.

32M’s Dave Little added “Our coolers and freezers can be used in any self service setting and doesn’t require a Three Square kiosk”. Both the Norm Technology merchandising equipment and Three Square’s self pay solutions will be on display in Nashville at NAMA in May and several other trade shows in multiple industries throughout 2020.

Three Square Market is based in River Falls, WI, just outside the Twin Cities, 30 minutes from MSP International Airport. Combined with its’ jail technology business, 32M has over 10,000 kiosks across U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia, Central America and Australia. Learn more about 32M by visiting or call 833-32MARKET.