Yoke Payments And Group C Form Integrated Partnership To Install 500 Cashless Micro Markets By 2020

July 31, 2019

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. -- (July 29, 2019) – Yoke Payments™ today announced its integrated partnership with Group C to design and install 500 Yoke micro markets by 2020. The partnership will allow Group C – the largest independent vending company in the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut – to quickly expand their micro market offerings and create custom market solutions for their vast client base. Currently, Group C is operating 100 newly opened markets with Yoke’s technology and point-of-sale system in place, with another 150 markets scheduled to open by the end of 2019. An additional 250 markets are expected to open by Q4 of 2020.

The partnership allows Group C to better serve its client base by making it profitable to replace standard vending with a small market on every floor of every building. In the past there were very limited options at locations with under 150 people, but now micro markets are their lead product for locations of any size.

“For every-one micro market with other solutions, we can have 10 Yoke markets because it is just that cost effective,” explains Group C partner Mike Cascione Jr. “The whole program that Yoke has built and their vision with the mobile app is bar none. For me, they are the future of this industry.”

A key driver of success for the partnership is Yoke’s ability to integrate with Cantaloupe System’s Seed Pro, the Vending Management System used by Group C. Available on both desktop and mobile devices, Seed Pro allows Group C to track and manage inventory, predict their routes, and run reports and analytics for their entire business: vending, markets, and coffee. These operational efficiencies combined with Yoke’s ability to engage customers has greatly increased their bottom line and customer satisfaction.

“At Yoke, we’ve created a scalable and affordable solution that is extremely robust and allows Group C to roll these micro markets out very quickly,” says Yoke’s CEO and co-founder Michael Johnson. “Our system is completely cashless which has increased sales and improved their operational efficiency at each location.”

Founded by Michael Johnson and Benjamin Thomas in 2014, Yoke Payments combines the mobile wallet and cash register to create a simplified payment solution for its operators and their customers in the micro-market and vending industries. End users of the payment solution are asked to simply: Scan. Pay. Enjoy. The self-checkout point-of-sale system uses a tablet or mobile device and allows users to quickly and efficiently grab their desired items and checkout with no wait. 

Since its inception, Yoke Payments has succeeded by forging strong partnerships with the industry’s top platforms to enhance their clients offering and streamline the end-user experience. From its partnership with Cantaloupe Systems and VendSys – which provides integration into their operators’ current Vending Management Systems – to Triteq Locks, which allows their customers to keep their cooler door always locked, Yoke Payments is at the leading edge of the micro-market and vending payments industry. 

For more information about Yoke Payments, visit: www.yokepayments.com.

About Group C

Group C is a technology-based company with business units that provide unattended retail markets, coffee, pantry and vending services. Founded in 1989, they are now the largest independent vending company in the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. The company embraces an analytic methodology and is committed to the use of telemetry systems and cloud-based technology. Group C’s technical prowess extends to its innovative mission and their transformational business strategy includes conversion of all vending locations to unattended retail markets. Group C’s extensive use of smartphone applications for product purchase has accelerated this process, while allowing them to further their vision of empowering and satisfying its end-user base.

About Yoke Payments

Yoke Payments, an award-winning micro market payments and inventory system, delivers an all-in-one solution for operators who strive to have quick and reliable service for their end users. Yoke’s software grants its customers a dynamic point-of-sale system, business management tools, and integration with various third-party applications. Founded in 2014, Yoke’s expert payments team helps vending operators modernize their business by bringing a mobile and cashless system to their users. Awarded the Silver Medal in Best POS Innovation by PYMNTS.com, Yoke emphasizes their commitment to quality, customer service through their premier payment solution. With Yoke, users don’t just get a payments software; they get a best-in-class payments team. For more information, visit yokepayments.com



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