A Decade: Avanti Markets Celebrates 10 Years Of The Micro Market Industry

Feb. 5, 2019

RENTON, WA: February 5, 2019 -- Avanti Markets announced today that it has achieved a major milestone: 10 years of successful micro-market business operations. The unattended retail technology firm—originally launched by a few industry veterans led by Jim Brinton, CEO for Avanti Markets—has grown into a micro market solution powerhouse with the help of hundreds of independent operators networked in thousands of locations nationwide.

“To say that I am grateful and humbled by my team’s success and the support of the operators who have joined the Avanti family over the past ten years would be an enormous understatement,” said Brinton, “I am equally grateful to all of the people who supported us along the way. That said, we’re just getting warmed up—our best days are ahead of us.”

The micro market concept and business was launched in 2009 just after the global financial crisis when the vending industry was contracting with businesses closing and many leaving to seek new careers. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, only about 30% of all small businesses ever reach the 10-year mark. And while it’s an accomplishment for any company to reach the 10-year milestone, it’s particularly significant for Avanti Markets.

“It would’ve been hard to believe that when we started the company with handful of people and an idea on white board, that we would end up where we are today. That’s taken a lot of determination and sacrifice,” said Brinton.

Avanti Markets will be celebrating its milestone throughout the year culminating in its Operators Meeting in San Diego, California on December 2-4th. Brinton, CEO of Avanti Markets, an evangelist for the industry, will be sharing industry anecdotes and learnings each month to underscore the growth and innovation of this space in the convenience industry.

"But what I’m most proud about is that we’ve continued to stick to our core ideals – supporting the growth and profitability of the independent operator network through services, technology innovation, and vision. Together, we have disrupted and revolutionized convenience food services.”


Founded in 2009, Avanti Markets is the leader in the micro market industry. Avanti Markets' platform provides a leading-edge micro market transaction system and back-end software that integrates promotions, inventory management tools, pre-kitting systems and data warehousing infrastructure in order to help support Operators effectively manage their business. This facilitates an unrivaled micro market experience for both Operators and market users alike for a truly transformed, groundbreaking fresh food self-service model. Reinventing the breakroom: www.avantimarkets.com