One Step Vending Corp. Announces Acquisition Of Sofos CBD, Inc.

Nov. 2, 2018

One Step Vending Corp. is pleased to announce the acquisition of the total equity stake in Sofos CBD, Inc., a New York based company, focused on sales of CBD infused products through various channels. 

Sofos CBD, Inc. is a newly established company in New York with business activity in the sales of CBD infused products through vending machines, electronic commerce, and wholesale. The Company funded the acquisition of Sofos CBD, Inc. with the issuance of two million common shares, restricted from resale for the period of one year. No debt was assumed in connection with this acquisition. 

Sofos CBD, Inc. aims to develop a network for the placement of CBD vending machines in the New York area under the brand CBD Kiosks. The Company plans to start a trial period for the placement of the CBD Kiosks in certain places in Brooklyn and Queens. Sofos CBD, Inc., as a wholly owned company by One Step Vending Corp., will also operate the online platform, and future plans include the development of its own label products, in co-operation with specialized laboratories in this field. 

 More information on the business developments and the course of previous announcements will be released shortly. 

About is a hemp specialized market platform, aimed to provide various cannabinoid-based products made in the United States, through collaboration with breakthrough companies in the field and specially designed products under its brand. The e-shop platform is currently under development and pending to be launched. 

About One Step Vending Corporation 

One Step Vending Corp. is a holding company focused on the acquisition of market-changing and disruptive business models. The Company supports subsidiaries with key financial, sales, marketing, and operational changes designed to accelerate growth and shareholder value. The Company has prioritized the development of Micro-Markets which are displacing vending machines with a small convenience store in thousands of offices across the Country, this transition will change the $7 billion vending industry by igniting growth in revenues and delivering fresher high-value products to meet new consumer demand. For more information, visit 

About Sofos CBD, Inc. 

Sofos CBD, Inc. is a newly established company in New York and wholly owned by One Step Vending Corp., providing cannabinoid-based products through vending machines and the operation of the online e-shop 

About Corporate Refreshment Services-Micro Markets, Inc. 

CRS-Micro Markets, Inc., a provider of a wide range of food and beverage solutions, focuses on the use of self-checkout Micro Market technology in the area of San Diego, California. 


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