365 Retail Markets Expands MicroMarket Technology Into Ireland

Aug. 8, 2017

Troy, MI | August 8, 2017: 365 Retail Markets is proud to announce the international expansion of their MicroMarket technology into Dublin, Ireland. The global leader in MicroMarket technology, 365 offers a best in class POS platform for the vending, foodservice, and hospitality industries.

As one of the first companies to begin manufacturing and selling MicroMarket technology in the United States, 365 Retail Markets has fundamentally transformed the way employees view the breakroom. A MicroMarket is a compact, self-service shop in a controlled location (such as an office) in place of a café or traditional vending, offering hundreds of fresh food and wellness items 24/7/365. This system includes open shelving and coolers for products, equipped with an electronic-checkout kiosk. Although a MicroMarket has the setup and feel of a small convenience store, it is autonomous like a vending machine.

As the tech-fluent millennial workforce continues to grow, the generational shift in the office comes with an overall paradigm adjustment. Integrated automation and accessibility to brand name wholesome snacks is expected. To keep employees engaged, companies must provide staff with resources that accommodate their lifestyle.

In response to the shifting workplace environment 365 Retail Markets has developed the 365 MicroMarket, which can be tailored to meet a company’s specifications. As the core of 365’s business, MicroMarkets are the most radical change in at-work foodservice in decades; increasing sales, customer service, and employee satisfaction, all while decreasing operating costs. The average MicroMarket processes 161 transactions per day, totaling $63,192 in annual revenue. Over the next 10 years, MicroMarkets are projected to generate $1.6 billion industry-wide.

"We are very happy to see the MicroMarket concept starting to grow in Europe. After launching our new software platform across the pond 18 months ago, the addition of locations in Ireland is a testament to our team's hard work and our valued partners, Express Vending’s efforts in the UK,” said John Chidiac, President of 365 International. “We look forward to further growth in Europe with additional products and features in the years to come."

After explosive success in the US, 365 launched their technology internationally in 2016 by opening their first MicroMarket with Express Vending in London, England. And now with the support of Express Vending, AVS member, Vending Automatic Ltd. has just launched their very first 365 Kiosk-powered MicroMarket in Ireland.

“Express Vending is the largest privately owned vending company in the UK and focuses on delivering high quality, modernized refreshment solutions into the workplace. We believe in pioneering technology and revolutionary products, which is why 365 Kiosk-powered MicroMarkets are such a natural fit for our brand.” Said Matt Sayers, Marketing Manager at Express Vending.

About Express Vending

Express Vending was founded in 1992 and serves customers across the UK and Ireland. The business has now reached an annual turnover in excess of £35 million, employing over 250 people. With two dedicated business teams for service and account management, Express Vending can respond to 99% of technical calls within 4 hours and proudly boast a 98% customer retention rate.For more information about Express Vending, visit https://www.expressvending.co.uk/hub/. You can also follow Express Vending on FacebookTwitterGoogle+ and LinkedIn


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