365 Retail Showcases SmartHUB May 20 To 21

May 20, 2013

365 Retail Markets will be demonstrating a working micro market, powered by a SmartHUB Micro, for Business Leadership and Superior Training (BLAST) conference and trade show attendees May 20 to 21, in Indianapolis, Ind. The conference will draw more than 400 blind operators from around the nation. 365 Retail Markets is working with access technology partners to ensure that all operators and customers will be able to access information from micro markets. In addition to blind operators, some of the non-Randolph-Sheppard, Indiana vending operators will be attending.

The SmartHUB Micro, offered by 365 Retail Markets, is the latest edition to its SmartHUB line of unmanned self-checkout kiosks. The Micro has a smaller form factor than traditional kiosks and weighs only 25 pounds.  Its smaller size allows for additional options for placement and a reduced cost of entry. The SmartHUB Micro offers options for a micro market installation where previously the option was not available.

“We are proud to be part of an extraordinary show. BLAST is a great opportunity for us to further demonstrate how 365 is in the forefront of market-driven demand.  The response at the NAMA OneShow to our latest edition, the SmartHUB Micro, was outstanding and we plan to continue to share how 365 is building a smarter MicroMarket in 2013,” said 365 Retail Markets CEO and founder, Joseph Hessling, in a prepared statement. 

BLAST is the largest trade show for blind entrepreneurs and those with whom they work. The National Association of Blind Merchants, a strong and active division of the National Federation of the Blind, will be offering training May 21 through May 23 with a Randolph-Sheppard trade show on May 23.


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