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Panoptyc is a loss-prevention technology company that offers an array of software and hardware to keep micro markets safe from theft One of its new products is a copper stylus that eliminates the fingerprint reader function on a market kiosk.

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Panoptyc's micro market theft-detection cameras

Feb. 1, 2021
Panoptyc helps micro market operators who are struggling with theft and poor camera systems. The average micro market that deploys Panoptyc’s technology has gained 255% theft ...

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Panoptyc120 200 Outdoor
Micro Market

When shrink escalates – it’s Panoptyc to the rescue

June 20, 2023
When 2023 brought a sudden, inexplicable surge in micro market theft rates, Panoptyc was there to quickly identify problems and help operators turn the alarming trend around.
Panoptyc Camera

Panoptyc gets rave reviews on reducing micro market theft and increasing performance

Oct. 6, 2022
Trying to catch a micro market thief is both time-consuming and costly. Panoptyc is changing that with its video monitoring technology and support programs.