For 2021 – Massive Micro Market Growth Predicted

Dec. 9, 2020

Fixturelite will be a more important micro market partner than ever in 2021. Design will play an essential role as clients look to the industry for support in complying with health standards, including ADA issues, employee safety, COVID-19 prevention and the demand for quality amenity programs.

Micro markets are on the launchpad, the countdown is in progress and this fast-growing segment of the industry is about to take off to a new universe. Accordingly, operators and their clients will need guidance.

“Quite often, operators voluntarily say, “You guys are the experts. You tell me what we should do here,” said Steve Orlando, an experienced operator of ten years who co-founded Fixturelite, the leading supplier of micro market retail displays, equipment and design tools. “They are looking to us for guidance and they’re looking for us to create a new experience, and that comes by way of a new design,” he added.

“Any operators who have not yet transitioned to micro markets should make the move…”

“There was time when you could decide whether to get on or off this train, but as we continue past the coronavirus and into whatever is next down the road, human interaction may be forever changed,” Orlando said. “Any operators who have not yet transitioned to micro markets should make the move, especially with the upcoming growth in the industry.”

“A cafeteria isn’t going to make financial sense for a business”

“Micro markets and grab and go will replace food service and cafeterias, brought on by a slow return by employes to work in the office,” said Troy Geis, who co-founded Fixturelite. “When you decrease the number of employees on site, suddenly, in many locations, a cafeteria isn’t going to make financial sense for a business.”

With cafeterias becoming infeasible, Fixturelite is preparing for the possibility of more hot food in micro markets. “We have all the fixtures that operators need to provide cold, hot and shelf-stable grab and go service,” said Geis. “We are developing the capacity to provide a contained commissary area in which employees can select packaged, prepared warm meals and purchase them via self-checkout.”

“Employers will move to a grab and go concept”

“Fully exposed fresh food is not going to be welcomed. So - for employers to at least give the optics of a very safe environment for employees to return to, regarding food service, employers will move to a grab and go concept,” said Geiss.

Geiss also predicts that subsidized micro markets will replace pantry service in many cases as clients attempt to maximize amenities while keeping costs under control.

“A traditional retail approach”

2021 will also see a more traditional retail approach used in micro markets as social distancing remains a top priority. Fixturelite’s Off the Wall Collection makes it easy for operators to offer their clients a smoothly flowing retail environment. Designed to maximize space and promote efficient traffic flow, the Off the Wall Collection is aptly named – helping operators create a truly stylish retail space that opens up a break room.

“Position yourself as a micro market expert”

“As operators gear up for 2021, they will want to take inventory of what lessons they have learned in 2020 and determine how to transform them into strategies for the new year. Micro markets will be important to the future of convenience services,” said Orlando.

“There are still a lot of unknowns, and it’s not going to be an overnight process of going back to normal,” he added. “Get a head start on the sweeping return to the workplace by positioning yourself as a micro market expert. As always, Fixturelite is here to help operators.”

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