10 Reasons Why You Need Our Collections

Oct. 28, 2020

Any operator who works with Fixturelite already knows that our Collections have simplified their life by delivering the micro market solutions their clients desire. For those who have yet to enjoy the pleasure of utilizing the industry’s best micro market designs and equipment, here is a quick primer on our Collections and 10 reasons why you should turn to Fixturelite.

A quick primer on our Collections

The Essentials Collection – “Friendly and Fits Right In”

Engineered for ultra-quick assembly and perfect for small space markets, the Essentials Collection is 80 inches tall and 48 inches wide.  It is offered in black or grey and is designed to be Fixturelite’s most economical micro market collection. 

The Performance Collection – “Stylish and Welcoming”

Designed for a 150-300 person space, the new Performance Collection features single wall construction for easy installation.  As standard equipment, this collection offers all the same retail technology that sets Fixturelite apart – dark interior space, high lumen LED lighting and merchandising kits which give the market a constantly well faced look.  Installation requires nothing more than a screwdriver.  Leg levelers add to the simplicity of the installation process.

The Executive Collection – “Majestic and Elegant”

The Executive Collection is designed for a client that needs an upscale presentation and can accommodate an unlimited number of break room users. When an operator needs to be the “best they can be,” the Executive Collection is the answer.

Introducing - The “Off the Wall” Collection – “Sometimes you just need to spread out.”

Designed to maximize space and promote efficient traffic flow, our Off the Wall Collection is aptly named – helping operators create a truly stylish retail space that opens up a break room.

10 Reasons to learn more…

1.    Quality Materials – We incorporate the best in class, proven retail solutions. Our micro markets have been performing on location for many years now, the best testament to durability and quality materials.

2.     Easy Installation – A simple lift and lock solution designed into our Executive Collection, saves hours of installation time and makes changing exterior colors quick and easy. The Performance and Essentials Collection requires nothing more than a screwdriver (and the time spent using it is minimal). “Off the Wall” Collection products come almost completely assembled. Quick connect technology makes your life easier across the board.

3.     Style – Our Collections feature creative designs, striking colors, thoughtfully selected trims and the best quality retail merchandising features.

4.     Space Saving - The Performance and Essentials Collection is designed with space limitations in mind, often a major issue for operators.  These Collections can fit into smaller spaces that might not accommodate the Executive Collection.

5.     Flexible - All of our Collections are modular and completely flexible. Operators can choose from numerous add-on features that are available.

6.     Design Tool Friendly – As a Fixturelite client, you will have access to our powerful Design Tool. When an operator combines the impact of the Design Tool with Fixturelite’s four highly successful, solution-oriented Collections – the combination is unbeatable.

7.     Strategic Partners – Why not bring in a micro market “dream team” to take your project to the highest level? 365 Retail Markets, Translucent, Minus Forty and Fixturelite work together on building remarkable locations around our Collections.

8.     Support – Fixturelite will support you all the way through the process. We are especially good at helping our clients use the Design Tool to dazzle their prospects. Our Collections look VERY impressive on the Design Tool!

9.     Build an Experience - We have a wide variety of pieces in our Collections. The finishes are designed to be compatible with each other and the pieces intermix to create a truly unique branding opportunity for the operator and an exceptional experience for the consumer. If you do not see what you need, Just ask! We design and build custom solutions in our shop. If you can dream it, we can build it.

10.  Value – As Steve Closser of Translucent, the industry’s leading micro market consultant points out, “Fixturelite found a way to maintain the quality of their product, but have made it more affordable,” said Closser, calling their approach “extremely creative,” and pointing to new colors, new trims and new design ideas.  “We haven’t seen anyone doing anything like this,” he added. “They have taken the best quality retail merchandising features from their highest end product and found a way to apply them to these collections.” The Essentials Collection starts at $799.00

Which reasons sound best to you?

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