How Does Your Operation Stand Out?

Oct. 24, 2018

Recently I was looking for a paper shredding company to dispose of old files. I typed in my city and search terms and a dozen places popped up. I looked at the websites, which all mentioned great service and affordable prices, but felt I had no real way of telling them apart, let alone which one I wanted to give my business too.
This is a problem every small business has. It’s difficult to be everything to everyone. I know a few business owners who put so much into their marketing materials in order to target every possible customer, their brochures are more like novellas. Many websites that meet search engine optimization with targeted search terms begin blending into every other SEO optimized site. In a few words, how does an operator really differentiate themselves without being specific, and possibly missing out on a potential customer? It’s close to impossible, but that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t still be done. Sometimes it’s as easy as telling the world what you are really good at providing.
Take this month’s success story, Larsen Vending. They specialize in apartments, a niche that many others would say isn’t profitable, but they are proud of what they do (and would argue about the profitability claim). When they started doing micro markets they went with high end displays that make businesses stand up and take notice. Read about how Larsen Vending chose to stand out and succeed on page 32.

All important image

While mothers say it’s what inside that counts, what one wears and how one looks has power. Anyone who has interviewed or been interviewed for a job knows this. The same is true for businesses. I wrote in my last column about the change in how companies want to be perceived. This is driving office coffee service sales through the roof. Coffee is big business, so don’t miss the latest information on bean to cup brewers with special tips on page 26. 

Behind micro market design

In this issue we tackle another winning industry segment — micro markets. There has been quite an evolution from the early days and several elements are important to consider when shopping for new displays, especially in how those displays tie into image. You will find that article on page 18.
No matter what business you are in image is important, as important as answering the phone. Turns out only one of the paper shredding companies I called answered. That one got my business.

Correction: In chart 7 of the recently published  State of the Office Coffee Service Industry Report, Wolfgang Puck Coffee was incorrectly connected to the CafeXpress products. Wolfgang Puck Coffee does not manage CafeXpress products. CafeXpress should have been shown with Newco. 

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