Survey Results: Operators willing to pay for special design features

Oct. 24, 2018

In our August survey, we asked operators how they handle the cost of special design features in a micro market location. The 51 operators who responded were mostly willing to write a check for special design features needed by a good location.

If a client requires custom micro-market or design features, will they typically contribute to the cost?

A) Never, if the location is expected to perform well. 60%

B) 50/50 split 5%

C) They might pay for furniture and decor. 30%

D) The client pays 100% - the infrastructure is their responsibility. 5%

A different opinion from HR and Facility Experts

We asked HR and facility experts to weigh in on the issue, giving us a customer perspective on the survey question.

Suzanne Neil is an experienced human resources executive and employee benefits specialist who has served the technology, healthcare and the building industry. Neil said her employers would typically be fine with contributing toward special design features, such as décor, seating and graphics. “We would be pleased that our vendor is thinking about design and typically, would expect to cover infrastructure costs.”

Dion Brain, a twenty-year corporate real estate director and facility management executive for fast growing technology, media and entertainment companies, said he would rather see his vendors invest in equipment, service and quality products. “We typically would not ask a vendor to invest in our infrastructure,” said Brain.

Steve Orlando, an experienced operator of ten years who co-founded Fixturelite, a leading supplier of micro market retail displays, seating and design features, said he urges operators to be more aggressive with clients about asking them to pay for special design features. “When we talk to employee benefit experts, it is clear that having an exceptional breakroom environment is no longer optional – it is essential for companies that want to recruit top talent,” said Orlando. “Keep that in mind when you bring design ideas to the table. Chances are, your clients are willing to pay for design features that will set them apart.”