Fixturelite & Translucent – A combined solution for operators

Oct. 24, 2018

Fixturelite’s focus on micro market design looks to be a good skill set match with Translucent, a micro market consulting firm co-led by industry veteran Steve Closser. “We are excited about working with Translucent when the skill set that they bring to the table pairs well with the needs of a Fixturelite customer.” said Steve Orlando, an experienced operator of ten years who co-founded Fixturelite, a leading supplier of micro market retail displays, seating and design tools.

Getting a foothold in the micro market space can be a daunting task for anyone, even experienced vending and coffee service operators. Recognizing the need for turnkey support solutions, Closser and the team at Translucent are busy serving operators who realize the value that comes with micro market consulting.

With over 30 years of food service experience, Translucent offers a broad spectrum of business coaching services for operators, usually initiated by micro market consulting. “We go in and build a market with a client, and they start asking us questions. Ultimately, they realize just how much industry experience we have, which turns into expanded and ongoing consulting support,” said Closser, who is quick to add that his company’s approach is exceptionally hands-on as they help their clients through the micro market installation and set-up process.

Closser said there is quite a bit of demand for his micro market consulting services among newcomers to the micro market industry and those who have just grown large enough to need systems in place. “Once you get to five or ten markets, that’s when things start to come undone unless you have systems and processes in place.” said Closser. Translucent steps in to put systems in place for operators, shows them how to use those systems, supports them with technology, assists them with merchandising, the grand opening process and offers ongoing support after the market is installed, particularly with technology.

Closser said that Translucent’s collaboration with Fixturelite is something that will strengthen his ability to serve the design needs of operators.

Closser said that careful attention to micro-market design is paramount. “We need to create an environment that employees are drawn to, and can succeed in.” Even with their years of experience, Closser is confident that Translucent’s collaboration with Fixturelite is something that will strengthen his ability to serve the design needs of his customers.

According to Closser, as an operator evaluates a location, they need to look closely at what they want to accomplish from a feeling standpoint – what they want the employees to experience in the break room. Orlando stresses that the micro market design should begin with the customer experience in mind “We’ve designed enough spaces, both large and small to see the opportunities in a space that may otherwise be overlooked or not taken into consideration.” Lighting, seating, counters, shelving, traffic flow, and even the kiosk placement; all need to be taken into consideration said Closser, who sees value using Fixturelite as a design partner that is known to take micro market environments to the next level.

Veteran facility services executives are looking for operators with experience and valuable partnerships to get the job done.

Operators who are finally ready to break into the micro market business should take a long look at Translucent. Being a newcomer in the micro market business isn’t easy today. Consider the opinion of Dion Brain, a veteran facility services executive who makes it clear he is reluctant to work with inexperienced micro market operators. Brain said that a micro market is “a very front facing part of a facility” and he needs to see that an operator has experience in the micro market business.

Having Translucent and Fixturelite as part of the inexperienced operator’s team might give them a fighting chance to win over a reluctant decision maker.

For operators who are looking to put their best foot forward, particularly as they take on a high-profile account, bringing in Fixturelite and Translucent as strategic partners can set a company apart in the bid process. “We expect to do some tremendous things with Translucent,” said Orlando. “Together, we can make life easier for operators, improve their ROI and design impressive office refreshment environments that will truly be enjoyed by employees.”